Indian Football Team qualifies for the Second Round of the 2018 FIFA World Cup Qualifiers.


So, The Indian Football Team defeated Nepal 2-0 on aggregate today and progressed to the Second Round of the 2018 FIFA World Cup Qualifiers.
The funny thing is, there wasn’t a single telecast of the match on any of the sports channel. *Sigh*
Yes, India is a Cricket Crazy Country and even I LOVE Cricket as well as Football. But, neglecting such a global sport won’t take us far. Most of them don’t even know who’s the Captain of the Team. :3

Just look at the Indian Media. *Rolls Eyes* Not a single freaking channel was concerned of even broadcasting the match and letting the people watch on TV. Many of them, whom I know had to catch up to a stupify LIVE STREAM on the Internet. How do you expect other sports to grow in India? If, this is the state. And then, these News Channels would bring in a Panel of Football experts during a Big Football event like the FIFA World Cup and tell the Nation in front of the camera, that when will India qualify?
Duh! As you’re the Media, you should use your power of letting more people aware of Football and other sports. By this, then only an interest would be certain in people.

Ah, Forget about Media. What is our Prime Minister upto? I doubt is he really an Idol for Billions of we Indians or just a freaked up story teller. Grr! He can easily Tweet and wish the Indian Cricket team with best wishes for the Cricket WORLD Cup and yet he didn’t even congratulate the Indian Football Team for progressing to the second round of the Fifa World Cup 2018 qualifiers. Mind you, this team achieved this without much of Media Footage or proper endorsements and sponsors.
Mr, Prime Minister. Continue doing your Jhadoo Pocha with the Swacch Bharat Campaign.
Retard. XD

All we can do is, Cheering for this team. Don’t you think they too deserve our Shout out too? :’)
As I Love Cricket and Football too, I believe we need to give equal priority too to sports.
The thing that baffles me the most is the way our Media is more focused about who had an affair with whom, who ran with a Dog or who can gain more TRP’S. 😀 such lame things. 😀
Whereas, One of the European Football Club “Tottenham Hotspur” from the English Premier League Tweeted about our Football Team’s Victory today.
Hats off to you, Tottenham. I’ll be kinda rooting for you too from now on in EPL, along with Manchester United. 😉

In short, expecting something sensible by the Media to make people more aware of achievements of other sports in India. There should be a change, isn’t it? Hopefully. *Fingers Crossed*

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Candy Crush.

The Latest TREND along with SELFIES are this Bizarre “Candy Crush Requests” that you keep getting on your Facebook Profile.

Some people would be so addicted to it that they would be glued to their Smartphones playing that Freakingly Retardish Game.
Whether they are in School, College, Traffic, crossing the road or even worse when somebody is talking to you and you’re just nodding your head with a “Yeah Bitch Yeah” Nod and rather your eyes are totally on your Mobile Phone Screen. 😀

I always wondered, what is so addicting in that Fucking piece of shit game?
When you have games like FIFA 15 or even Temple Run, which are far more superior and fun to watch and play. The scary and creepy thing is that even senior citizens would PAUSE their World to get all ready to Play Candy Crush. :/
Okay, Fine. If you really are so astonishingly obsessed with that Shit, why on Earth would you torture Us with Candy Crush Requests? :0

Why not rather have a Crush on someone or go out than being in your imaginary worlds with those monster Candy’s. 😉

Well, this shall be enough criticism for Candy Crush Saga. 😀

Hope you enjoyed reading this Shit.

Happy Blogging. ❤

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The Start of the year 2K15.

2015 Happy New Year Strands Line Glow Dark BackgroundOkay, this is like actually my first shot at BLOGGING out here.

As they say,When you have loads of free time with you and you feel like doing everything
Well, yea. That’s what happening at the moment. ERM!
It’s been actually a Pretty good start to the year. Starting from Metropolis, which was fun to meeting new people and I hope it goes and gets better in the coming months.

Everyone and I mean every damn person gets excited on the 31st of December, some would be planning stuffs about what all shitty things they would be doing to others making New Year Resolutions and those are meant to be Broken. 😀

It’s been already 15 days with the start of the new year and I’m wondering what should I be doing in the free time I have.
I guess, I’ll love to attend the upcoming concerts and events like ALCHERINGA as well as hanging out with friends in KFC to other Hotspots like Mocha. Well yes, I do plan in advance. *WINK*

Needless to say, The whole of Guwahati is in High Spirits for Bihu.
Starting from people being awake till late at night and sitting near the Bonfire and chatting and singing along with their friends, families etc.
Seems like quite a bonding time. Eh?
Always been fascinated with the sweets and food they make during Bihu. Whether they are Pithas or Sira Doi. “SLURP”

All I’ll say, 2015 is going good as per now and fingers crossed about the rest of the upcoming months. XD

Enough for now and literally my First Blog here.

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